May 6, 2022

The Friday Edit

It's quiet and the kids are all in bed (only one is actually sleeping though!) and we've got lots to look forward to this weekend. Our town is bringing back the annual May Fest for the first time since the pandemic and I'm pretty excited. Mostly for the food!

And here's a few things I've saved, pinned, read, listened to, and loved lately...

Adding these burger bowls to my "one day I'll make this".

Currently watching: Ted Lasso, again! Impatiently waiting for that third season.

I like the idea of this 72 hour assessment for mental health!

Books you'll currently find laying around my house: The Secret to Southern Charm, Black, White, and The Grey, and LoterĂ­a (for Lia).

A twitter feed that's fitting for the current times. Also, what's going on with abortion rights.

Recently bought: this dry shampoo (it smells so good!), a striped swimsuit for O, and these denim shorts that I'm hoping are the ones for summer.

My favorite pajamas! I picked myself up a new pair for Mother's Day.

Have a great weekend!

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