May 16, 2022

Around Here

It's May and it's feeling a lot like the last mile before the finish line! We're so close to summer break but we've got to tackle all the things that tend to pile up in the last month of school - school events, the last of the soccer games, recitals, etc.

It's been a little keep our heads down and go, go, go lately. We're navigating through an ADD diagnosis for Lia, making plans for the summer, and keeping the babes happy through it all but things are good. 

Olive is a huge fan of food! We've passed purees and really, she eats what we're eating most days. We just adjust it to a texture or form that she can eat it. She'll be crawling pretty soon, too! Nico is so excited for second grade. Literally counting down the days. His last week of soccer is coming up and he's pretty bummed it's ending so we're surprising him with a week of soccer camp! Lia has a big summer ahead of her. Her first solo trip to New York to stay with her abuelitos and her first sleep-away summer camp! 

Maybe it's the age differences in our kids but it feels like they are all in such different but big stages right now. And I'm just happy to be finding a small daily routine and keeping my one plant alive! I hope you're finding some happiness too - big or small!

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