May 27, 2022

A Bright Summer Basket

Lia and Nico have loved these occasion bins that we've started to make! I'll admit, I dropped the ball on this summer bin and quickly threw this one together this past week as a surprise for their last day of school today. 

I love the fact that I can reuse items from basket to basket (and season to season!) by storing the extras in a large tote I keep tucked away in the closet because that means the next basket always has a jumping point and we aren't wasting extras. I've found that it works best to keep a smaller bin in a kitchen cabinet we don't use much to store the things I've bought for the upcoming basket so I can easily see what I've already got. Then, all the extras get tossed together in the large tote when I switch out the stuff in the basket! 

I'll source what I can here but Amazon, Target, and TJ Maxx/Marshalls are my favorites. Also, online party shops for those specialty items that I really love but can't find locally - like The Party Darling, Shop Sweet Lulu, and Pink Antlers. I just browse seasonal sections whenever I'm in a store and buy things as I go.


I also got these fun "yay" silly straws but they haven't arrived yet! I'm just here for all the fun traditions full of the magical little things, you guys. 

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