A Bright Summer Basket

May 27, 2022

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Lia and Nico have loved these occasion bins that we've started to make! I'll admit, I dropped the ball on this summer bin and quickly threw this one together this past week as a surprise for their last day of school today. 

I love the fact that I can reuse items from basket to basket (and season to season!) by storing the extras in a large tote I keep tucked away in the closet because that means the next basket always has a jumping point and we aren't wasting extras. I've found that it works best to keep a smaller bin in a kitchen cabinet we don't use much to store the things I've bought for the upcoming basket so I can easily see what I've already got. Then, all the extras get tossed together in the large tote when I switch out the stuff in the basket! 

I'll source what I can here but Amazon, Target, and TJ Maxx/Marshalls are my favorites. Also, online party shops for those specialty items that I really love but can't find locally - like The Party Darling, Shop Sweet Lulu, and Pink Antlers. I just browse seasonal sections whenever I'm in a store and buy things as I go.


I also got these fun "yay" silly straws but they haven't arrived yet! I'm just here for all the fun traditions full of the magical little things, you guys. 

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3 Tips For Styling A Dark Sofa

May 24, 2022

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I love our sofa! It's the Kivik from Ikea and we've had it for a few years now. It's my favorite. We upgraded from the beloved Ektorp (still love that one, too!) but we really needed more space to spread out.  The shape of the Kivik fit our space better too! 

I also LOVE the removable and washable covers. I will admit it's a pain to remove the covers on this style. But, they are removable and washable which is a must-have for any sofa we purchase. Recently we decided to purchase a new cover. Our dog, Toby, is old and smelly and he's got a particular fondness for rubbing against the sides of the sofa and they were just getting worn down and dingy. We had a light grey cover and we ended up going with a dark gray cover. And, the first thing I realized when we got it home was how dark it made our space look. The second thing I realized was that none of my throw pillows were going to work anymore. 

So, I sat with the new cover for a few days and then switched some things up and I thought I'd share a few ways on how I styled our dark sofa!

Don't surround it with "matchy" objects.  Don't buy the sofa, chair, and ottoman all from the same collection! Your house will look like a showroom and it won't be a cute vibe. Instead, piece things together. Take some time, shop around, and find pieces that go together without "going" together. PS. This is why we don't currently have a coffee table. Our sofa is a large L-shape and I know that I don't want a matching fabric ottoman but I don't know what I do want. So, we've got a black wooden sofa table behind the sofa and we use that until we find the perfect piece.

Lighten it up! I had off-white and emerald green throw pillows and I quickly realized that the off-white wasn't too cream and the green blended in. I loved the existing pillow inserts so I found white linen covers to replace the green (I did keep the off-white pillows...) and then picked up a few more light colored throw pillows and the sofa fit the space so much better. Mixing in white and off-white pillows gave the sofa enough brightness without looking like the pillows were all too stark white. Our curtains are white and airy but if they had been dark or heavy, I would have changed those as well. 

Add texture. Soft throws, textured throw pillows, styled pieces nearby - like my scalloped ceramic bowl - all add life to the space and balance out the heaviness of the sofa. A chunky jute rug layered with a softer rug, ceramic or the concrete/stucco vases that are all over right now, and large woven baskets can all add texture to your space and make your the room look lived-in and put together.

the sources

white linen pillow covers / black dotted pillow / velvet off-white covers / pillow insertstextured white pillow, out of stock from Target - similar here / black and cream textured pillow, out of stock from World Market - similar here 

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Around Here

May 16, 2022

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It's May and it's feeling a lot like the last mile before the finish line! We're so close to summer break but we've got to tackle all the things that tend to pile up in the last month of school - school events, the last of the soccer games, recitals, etc.

It's been a little keep our heads down and go, go, go lately. We're navigating through an ADD diagnosis for Lia, making plans for the summer, and keeping the babes happy through it all but things are good. 

Olive is a huge fan of food! We've passed purees and really, she eats what we're eating most days. We just adjust it to a texture or form that she can eat it. She'll be crawling pretty soon, too! Nico is so excited for second grade. Literally counting down the days. His last week of soccer is coming up and he's pretty bummed it's ending so we're surprising him with a week of soccer camp! Lia has a big summer ahead of her. Her first solo trip to New York to stay with her abuelitos and her first sleep-away summer camp! 

Maybe it's the age differences in our kids but it feels like they are all in such different but big stages right now. And I'm just happy to be finding a small daily routine and keeping my one plant alive! I hope you're finding some happiness too - big or small!

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The Friday Edit

May 13, 2022

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Cheers for the weekend! Do you have any plans? We're going to watch L dance in her spring recital and Nico has another soccer game! And, tonight, we're kicking off the weekend and hopefully an intentional calm vibe with homemade pizza!

And here's a few things I've saved, pinned, read, listened to, and loved lately...

A love letter to my anti-anxiety medication.

Besides the homemade cards, this was one of my favorite mother's day gifts.

The best thing I made for dinner this week.

Recently bought: this fun dress for Olive and these basic pillow covers that I ended up loving.

Baking these cookies soon!

Have a good weekend! 
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This Week's Dinners

May 10, 2022

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A little meal plan to bring some calm to the week! It's been a lot, lately. Are you longing for the slow dog days of summer, too? Cooking something with intention, lazy afternoon BBQS, feeling the long day stretching out ahead of you? I've living for those days!

With the calendar looking FULL this week, my goal is to stay on track around the house and at mealtimes.  This week that means scheduling take-out in our plan because there's a few nights where it's just impossible to cook a meal and get us around the table. Eating in the car or on the soccer field is just where we're at this season. 

May your week be full of good food and a few lazy moments! 

the recipes

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The Friday Edit

May 6, 2022

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It's quiet and the kids are all in bed (only one is actually sleeping though!) and we've got lots to look forward to this weekend. Our town is bringing back the annual May Fest for the first time since the pandemic and I'm pretty excited. Mostly for the food!

And here's a few things I've saved, pinned, read, listened to, and loved lately...

Adding these burger bowls to my "one day I'll make this".

Currently watching: Ted Lasso, again! Impatiently waiting for that third season.

I like the idea of this 72 hour assessment for mental health!

Books you'll currently find laying around my house: The Secret to Southern Charm, Black, White, and The Grey, and LoterĂ­a (for Lia).

A twitter feed that's fitting for the current times. Also, what's going on with abortion rights.

Recently bought: this dry shampoo (it smells so good!), a striped swimsuit for O, and these denim shorts that I'm hoping are the ones for summer.

My favorite pajamas! I picked myself up a new pair for Mother's Day.

Have a great weekend!

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