April 28, 2022

The Magic Is Back At Disney

Hugs are back at Disney! We went to the parks with my family earlier this month and on our very last day Disney brought back full on character meet and greets with hugs and autographs and no masks! The magic that filled that day... SO good! 

Disney Springs is always my favorite way to start our trip. Once we check into our hotel, freshen up, and grab a bus or boat ride to Springs, it always hits me that we're there. You know that blissful feeling that comes after you've been at the pool or beach all day and you go home and shower, change into something you love, and head out to dinner? That's the feeling! We ate at The Polite Pig this time and the jalapeƱo cornbread was amazing. We popped into Gideon's for some cookies since I promised L I'd take her back (the timing didn't work for us last time!). And, I found some cute Disney-inspired tees for the kids here.

The rest of the trip was all about experiencing all our favorite things again. Calvacades, hugs from Mickey, food around the world in Epcot, capturing my kids in front of the castle (watching them grow up in front of the castle is so good!), and hopping on our favorite rides.

Olive rocked her second trip there and loved it. Mickey is her new favorite and we made sure to pick her up a Mickey stuffy before leaving. His ears make a good teether! 

Nico rode Soarin' for the first time after a few bribes and proclaimed it "the best ride ever"! He also did Test Track on his own (single rider line!) twice and only wants to ride that way from now on! 

Lia was just really happy to be there with extended family and get to go on rides with her aunts and cousins! She was also my snacking partner in Epcot so we could hit all the stands! 

And as always, I'm counting down the days until we can go back because these memories are some of the best and Disney is most definitely our family's happy place.

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