April 7, 2022

Let's Pack For Disney!

We're heading back to Disney next week and we're all ready for some extra magic in our days! Usually about a week out I start to think about my packing list and make a note of anything I need to do or buy before we leave. And, we've been enough times that I basically know what we need for a good trip! So, I thought I'd finally share it here with you guys.

We have gone to Disney on a few adults-only trips but most of the time our kiddos with us! Packing for kids at Disney is a whole different kind of fun so take what you need from list and leave the rest.

I usually pack way too many clothes but I'm okay with that. Otherwise, I pack minimally. Especially my park bags! One backpack for us adults and the two big kids and my diaper bag (it converts to a bookbag!) for Olive. Pre-Olive and on adults-only trips, I usually wear a fanny pack big enough for my phone, debit card, and hand sanitizer! 

This is not an all-inclusive list! I don't know you or your specific needs and I don't like packing enough to create a very detailed list. If you need one though, here's some great options. But, these are essentials that we would sorely miss during our park days!

So, here's our must-have items for a day at Disney...

For my park bag...

  • Wipes (baby/hand/lysol/toilet wipes)
  • Hand sanitizer 
  • A mini handheld fan for the hotter days.
  • Sunscreen
  • Cheap ponchos 
  • Sunglasses and a baseball cap on the hot/sunny days
  • Masks (currently they are only needed on enclosed transportation!)
  • Credit/debit cards or gift cards (we usually avoid bringing cash into the park.)
  • Phone and portable charger (download the Disney app - it's all you'll need all day!) 
  • A small "first aid" bag - basically a zipper ouch with a few bandaids, chapstick, extra hair ties, an anti-chafing stick (perfect for shoes or thighs rubbing!), cortisone cream (my kids have excema that flairs up), pepto bismol for the kids, and Tylenol. So, every park has first aid buildings that can give you most/all of this but these are the few I choose to carry with us and only stop in if we need anything else. 
  • A few snacks! You can bring food/drinks in the park so we'll pack pretzels, goldfish, and apple sauce pouches to fend off any hunger-induced bad moods between meals and splurging on our favorite Disney snacks (looking at you mickey pretzel!)
  • A reusable water bottle with it's own filter. You can get free cups of ice water all around the park but the tap water does have a slightly odd taste. 
  • Fidget toys. Nico once got the flu at Disney because he literally licked the hand rails there. He was like 5 and clearly 5 year old boys are gross. So, since the pandemic, I stash little pop-its or small fidget toys in the bag for them to hold in the longer lines.
  • Extra stash of clothes or underwear for the littles! Just trust me on this one. 
  • Autograph books and a thick pen or sharpie (those are the easiest for the characters to grab!). The normal meet & greets should be coming back this month! 
  • Ears, hats, trading pins (if that's your thing - it isn't ours...) I'm really excited to try out those headband style Minnie ears for Olive!
  • Our refillable popcorn bucket - because Disney popcorn is the best. And the cheapest snack you'll find in the parks.

For babes...

  • Diapers/wipes
  • Bottles/formula/food 
  • Extra clothes
  • Stroller fan
  • Cup holder and stroller organizer (if your stroller doesn't have one!) and a stroller hook (in a super cute disney style!)
  • Stroller and/or baby carrier (we bring both!)
  • A wet bag for dirty/wet clothes or items

Do you love packing? It sends me into an anxious state for days! Lists are my best friend when it comes to packing (especially for Disney, it can feel so overwhelming!) so I hope this list is helpful for you! 

Have a magical day, babes! 

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