March 29, 2022

What My Kids Are Reading

Do your kids love to read? Lia loves to read. She's old enough now that our bedtime stories has transitioned to her staying up for hours and reading on her own and Nico is just finding his groove in being able to read some books himself and so far, he's a fan! I've encouraged them to read and surrounded them with books since birth! 

Both kiddos get to go to the school library a few times a month and it's always interesting to see Nico's choices! I'm trying to be open-minded and read/listen to the books he wants as he's getting older and finding his own opinion. Even if they are about underwear-wearing superhero and poop. Because a lot of times they are about that. Seven-year old boys are fun! 

So, today I'm rounding up some of the books the kids' have been loving lately! 

This whole series but in particular, this one for Nico. 

And, Olive's favorite book is currently this soft, crinkly style book that she can chew on!

What are your kid's favorites? I'm always looking for new books for them! 

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