March 24, 2022

Favorite Bins & Containers for Organizing

Who else is spring cleaning? It's all over my instagram feed lately. All the cool new mops and sponges and everything that's going to whip my house and life into shape. But, well, I hate cleaning. It's one of those things that I dread doing every week. Mostly because my kids are just going to go behind me and undo everything I just did. You know? But also, I really need a clean and clutter-free space to keep my mind in check.

Organizing, though? That's my thing. I'll buy all the bins and whip up a messy closet into an organized dream. Now, my kids still can't figure out how to put their stuff IN the bins some days but it's all good because I love a good closet full of pretty bins and having systems in place are always better than a free-for-all no system. 

So, since a friend convinced me to co-host a yard sale with her this weekend and because my cluttered brain could use a break, I went out this week to grab some functional storage bins. Mostly for Nico's closet that I decided this week needs massive help but also for ideas for other spaces. I plan on buying pieces as I find a need for them and organizing one small space at a time. This keeps me from starting 10 different projects and quitting them all mid-way. 

Target is the place lately for all things bins! I strapped Olive into the Ergo and we browsed the aisles grabbing things to give Nico's closet a refresh. Because if I step on one more hot wheel, I may go mad. 

These are my current favorites for the kids closet. I redid Lia's last month and they worked out so well. We chose clear so the kids can easily see which bin they need and I love that they are stackable and under $5! 

I also grabbed this huge bin on wheels for his hot wheel masses. I've yet to find a good way to store all the tracks and sets and giant pieces but I think this is doing the trick. He can easily grab the handle and wheel it out when he wants to play them. We originally had three random baskets that would crash over in the middle of the night. So, you know, that was fun.

I live for glass jars in the kitchen for things we use regularly. Coffee, flour, sugar. And, for the bunny treats and food. We store Scout's jars in this basket in the bathroom closest to his cage. We also use the same bins in the bathroom for bandaids, extra hair ties, baby wipes/diapers. 

And, black wire baskets. Those I grab whenever I find them on sale because we use them literally everywhere in the house for storage. 

Other than that, I gravitate towards containers that are either a clear sturdy plastic/glass and anything white. It keeps whatever you are storing and the space it's in fresh and clean! Even if it's just an illusion because of the kids! 

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