March 8, 2022

Around Here

I'm waiting for the babe to fall asleep so I can sneak away for a quick shower and I wanted to pop on here with a little "what's been going on" post. It's pretty clear that updating things isn't my jam lately. I've been all-consumed with parenting, selling Girl Scout cookies (the stories I have, you guys!), and navigating through the beginning of pollen season - cue everyone getting sick.

The kids are growing & thriving! Nico is busy making friends, planning sleepovers, and getting very excited for soccer practice to start this week. We're also dealing with some medical testing/procedures this week to try and find an answer for some GI issues he's been dealing with for years. Keep your fingers crossed for us! Olive is trying solids, outgrowing all of her clothes, and rolling over like a champ. Lia is hustling through girl scouts, school, and her upcoming soccer season. We're deep in the midst of the tween years over here with her and it's not for the faint-hearted. 

Life has been full and sweet and good around here. I hope it's been the same for you! 

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