February 2, 2022

Olive's First Trip To Disney

We took our annual trip to Disney a few weeks ago and, if you thought Disney was already magical enough, take your babe for her very first trip when she's tiny! 

It was one of our best trips! Pandemic Disney two years in isn't quite the same but it's our happy place and Olive was a fan from the start. 

We stayed at Port Orlean's Riverside. It was our first time and it didn't disappoint! Boat rides to Disney Springs, drinks poolside, s'mores at night, movies at the pool. It was exactly what we needed. 

We hit all four parks this trip. The big kids actually wanted to ride ALL the thrill rides so we did a lot of shuffling around kids and spent most of our time together only when we stopped to eat. It was weird for us! But, so good still! 

Magic Kingdom was a hit! There's something about the castle, cavalcades, and Mickey shaped pretzels that have a strong grip on my heart. The kids had some cute interactions with characters, Nico and I looked for hidden mickey's, then he fell in love with Thunder Mountain, Olive stole the hearts of anyone that looked at her, and Lia finally rode Mine Train without hating it! 

Hollywood Studios was crowded but the kids got their top favorites in, we ate all the good snacks, and I got in lots of quality snuggles with O while M took the lead with the bigs. 

Animal Kingdom was all about the classics - Kilimanjaro Safaris, roasted corn, Pandora, and The Lion King show! 

Epcot is my favorite for a dreamy afternoon! We rode the long-awaited Ratatouille ride. It was so fun! Olive met some princesses. Lia rode Soarin' for the first time and experienced that magic (the scent of Soarin'...if you know, you know). Nico ate all the snacks and rode his favorite ride twice - Test Track! It was just so, so good. 

We ended up staying later than planned, drove home right after leaving the park, and gave the kids the next day off of school!

Now we're counting down the days until we can plan our next visit!

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