February 14, 2022

A Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Guide

I am nothing if not last minute lately! At least, for anything not deemed top priority in my day and that's been keeping the babes alive and selling all the Girl Scout cookies with my sweet troop. Every weekend feels like a marathon and the weeks don't feel any less hectic.

I've got you covered for some last minute Valentine's inspiration though! 

I give our kiddos a book every single valentines day. It's a sweet tradition that I hope to continue for as long as I can! 

I picked up these fun heart-shaped baskets at Target and made the kiddos valentine baskets this year! Jelly beans (the single thing Nico's been looking forward to today!), some festive slime & a fidget toy, a graphic tee, and a little special something perfect for each kiddo. 

Can't wait to see their faces after school today! 

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