This Week's Dinners

February 28, 2022

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The dinner menu for this week is up and I'm excited. We're having a surprise (for the kid's) guest this week and I'm making her favorite dish of mine (salsa verde enchiladas!) along with my new favorite thing to make (pernil)!

We are in a season of life that is taking up a lot of our time and sitting down to dinner together every night is one time we're trying to not give up admist the chaos. Cozy food, good company, and time to chill out and breath. 

the recipes
Salsa Verde Enchiladas (not my recipe but very similar!) // Air Fryer Chicken Legs // My favorite recipe for Mashed Potatoes // Beef Pot Roast // Arroz con Gandules

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A Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Guide

February 14, 2022

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I am nothing if not last minute lately! At least, for anything not deemed top priority in my day and that's been keeping the babes alive and selling all the Girl Scout cookies with my sweet troop. Every weekend feels like a marathon and the weeks don't feel any less hectic.

I've got you covered for some last minute Valentine's inspiration though! 

I give our kiddos a book every single valentines day. It's a sweet tradition that I hope to continue for as long as I can! 

I picked up these fun heart-shaped baskets at Target and made the kiddos valentine baskets this year! Jelly beans (the single thing Nico's been looking forward to today!), some festive slime & a fidget toy, a graphic tee, and a little special something perfect for each kiddo. 

Can't wait to see their faces after school today! 

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Olive's First Trip To Disney

February 2, 2022

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We took our annual trip to Disney a few weeks ago and, if you thought Disney was already magical enough, take your babe for her very first trip when she's tiny! 

It was one of our best trips! Pandemic Disney two years in isn't quite the same but it's our happy place and Olive was a fan from the start. 

We stayed at Port Orlean's Riverside. It was our first time and it didn't disappoint! Boat rides to Disney Springs, drinks poolside, s'mores at night, movies at the pool. It was exactly what we needed. 

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2022, One Month In

February 1, 2022

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I blinked and we're already in February 2022! Anyone else feel that way too? Christmas and New Years and most of January, really, is just a blur in my memory. 

Things have just been all hustle and bustle. And, here I am, naively thinking things would be calmer at this time of the year! Ha!

So, how about an old school photo dump and update of the last month or so!

Christmas was magical and chaotic and wonderful.

Lia celebrated her 12th (!!!) birthday with a mini movie celebration in the backyard. 

We went to Disney! It was everything. Olive was immediately a fan! And we remain a Disney-obsessed family. 

Nico celebrated his 7th birthday with a Minecraft cake, a few games of bowling, and his closest friends from 1st grade!

Olive turned 3 months. Then 4 months. She charms us daily!

Girl Scout cookie season started and it's a true challenge keeping up with these mini entrepreneurs I've got in my troop!

And now I'm trying to clear my brain, our space, and find that calmness I'm missing. One babe is napping, the other is in school, and the third is in zoom school so here's to catching up and getting things done!
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