December 2, 2021

Holiday Gift Guide // For Kids

Kids are so much fun to shop for! I always try to balance out their wants for the newest and coolest thing with good quality pieces or things they need. They usually get shoes and books too!

This camera has been on L's Christmas list for the past few years and we finally picked one up! She's going to be so excited!

Both kids asked for headphones and since they misplace and drop things all the time, both kids are getting a good budget-friendly pair this year.

New water bottles and cozy beanies are going to be under the tree for them too! And to round it out, both kids will most likely get some Legos, Nico's getting a few toys (including that adorable Grogu) and Lia's getting some new things to make bracelets with.

I can't wait too see their faces on Christmas morning!

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