November 22, 2021

Our Olive Girl

This sweet babe is a dream. She is the perfect mix of both of our babes and fits right into the crew. How did we ever live without her? 

She is officially 2 months old today! I'm still a little in awe that I birthed her two months ago. It feels like it was yesterday while also feeling like she's always been with us. Physically-wise, I'm feeling really good postpartum. I'm so thankful that I healed quickly and that all the sciatic and pelvic pain from pregnancy went away. All I'm left with are headaches that come quite often and a need to balance my mental health with daily life again. 

Otherwise, things are really good with our girl. 

Two months...

She's starting smiling and it makes me giddy. Pure happiness! 
Size 1 diapers and wears a 0-3 in clothing. 
Takes great naps in her swing. Does not sleep through the night. 
Eats often and it's showing! 
Loves her brother and sister.
Loves being held!
Coos when we talk to her.
Can't resist the magical sleep dust of our wrap. 

One month...
Wearing between a newborn and 0-3 months in clothes and between a NB and 1 in diapers.
Reacts to us when we talk to her.
Happiest when she's being held or worn.
Spent many nights on the soccer field while I cheered aggressively form the sidelines.
Sleeps most of the time. But not through the night.
Has charmed us all.

7 lbs 10 oz and 19 inches long.
Loves to eat.
Sleeps so well. 
Quiet as a church mouse. It honestly freaks us out a bit.
She's bliss and joy and love all wrapped up in a tiny, warm, package.

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