Holiday Gift Guide // For Her

November 30, 2021

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Tis the season for gift guides! I know that everyone is doing them but here's a few of my favorite things (mostly budget-friendly!). I'd honestly love anything on this list for Christmas and I'm pretty sure the women in your life would too. 

If you haven't gotten into the matching pajama set vibe, DO IT! I bought this pair for Olive's birth and I'm will never turn back from a good matching set!

And, I just don't think one can have enough cutting boards. I use the pretty ones for snack boards and to make making dinner on a dark weeknight a little cozier. 

Do you do traditional gifts with our partner? We exchange stockings and happily leave it at that but it's still fun to dream up a Christmas list! 
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Oh Christmas Tree!

November 29, 2021

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Picking out a Christmas tree is a family favorite! While we've ended up at box stores the past two years, we love a good "chop your own" tree farm and local roadside stands for all the charm and Christmas magic.

It took three stops to find our family tree and it was so fun watching the magic unfold as the kids ran around the tree lot and we all marveled at the fact that Olive is celebrating her first Christmas. 

I can't wait to play Christmas music, drink hot chocolate, and decorate the tree!

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Our Olive Girl

November 22, 2021

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This sweet babe is a dream. She is the perfect mix of both of our babes and fits right into the crew. How did we ever live without her? 

She is officially 2 months old today! I'm still a little in awe that I birthed her two months ago. It feels like it was yesterday while also feeling like she's always been with us. Physically-wise, I'm feeling really good postpartum. I'm so thankful that I healed quickly and that all the sciatic and pelvic pain from pregnancy went away. All I'm left with are headaches that come quite often and a need to balance my mental health with daily life again. 

Otherwise, things are really good with our girl. 

Two months...

She's starting smiling and it makes me giddy. Pure happiness! 
Size 1 diapers and wears a 0-3 in clothing. 
Takes great naps in her swing. Does not sleep through the night. 
Eats often and it's showing! 
Loves her brother and sister.
Loves being held!
Coos when we talk to her.
Can't resist the magical sleep dust of our wrap. 

One month...
Wearing between a newborn and 0-3 months in clothes and between a NB and 1 in diapers.
Reacts to us when we talk to her.
Happiest when she's being held or worn.
Spent many nights on the soccer field while I cheered aggressively form the sidelines.
Sleeps most of the time. But not through the night.
Has charmed us all.

7 lbs 10 oz and 19 inches long.
Loves to eat.
Sleeps so well. 
Quiet as a church mouse. It honestly freaks us out a bit.
She's bliss and joy and love all wrapped up in a tiny, warm, package.

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Festive Finds For Your Home

November 19, 2021

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I know that it's not even Thanksgiving yet but I couldn't resist an early dose of cheer this year! The Christmas boxes are stacked in the playroom and I've slowly been adding bits and bobs around the house and I find myself in the holiday decor aisles of Target multiple times a week. This year I grabbed a few new ornaments for the tree and, of course, a new mug!

I add a new Santa mug to our collection every year and seeing them spread around the kitchen is so fun! My kids drink out of them all season long - whether it's water at dinner or hot cocoa on a chilly morning. 

Our holiday decor style is modern meets festive. I like to grab things that match our existing decor so I can easily add pieces in but end up with an overall festive mood. Twinkly lights, bottle brush wreaths, and wreaths in each room do the trick! 

So, is it too early or are you all about the November cheer?
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The Last Two Months

November 16, 2021

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It's been two months since I've shared anything here and so much has happened. It's been a whirlwind - some of the best and worst moments of my life. I've thought about sitting down to write something here so many times and it either feel inconsequential or too overwhelming to get my thoughts together. But, this collection of moments and stories from our lives brings me joy and has been so great for looking back on.

So, here goes a bit of the last few months. 

We welcomed our sweet girl, Olive Lucia, at 8:07 AM on September 22. It was a gorgeous Wednesday, the first day of fall, and the memories of that day are forever ingrained on my soul. She came into this world fierce but quiet. Her birth wasn't exactly how I dreamed it to be - calming and dreamlike; instead, it was full of anxiety and a jangle of nerves but she's here and she's perfect.

She was 7 lbs, 10 oz and 19 inches long. Born with a head full of dark brown hair, big light brown eyes, and the sweetest face. 

Almost two months have passed now and we're all completely obsessed with her. Nico is in awe of finally having a little sister and Lia has fully embraced being a big sister again. Lia brings her into bed with me in the mornings and Nico rushes home from school to kiss her cheeks. She has brought the most joy and light to our crew and I am forever grateful that she made it to us earthside. 

Manny took off a few weeks for paternity leave and we binged Ted Lasso, went on lunch dates, remembered how to be parents to a baby again, learned how to parent while being officially outnumbered, washed bottles and changed diapers. We learned how to be a family of five and soaked in all the cozy moments at home. 

And, just when it felt we were getting our groove back, I received the call that my dad died. My world crashed around me. I just remember screaming. All I could do was scream while rocking Olive and waiting for Manny to come home. It was one of the worst days of my life and I have spent the last month feeling lost and heartbroken and so damn angry. There's just so much going on behind the scenes and it's been really, really hard. Especially for the kids. They are both old enough to understand it, to an extent, and I feel helpless in guiding them through this. Olive never got to meet my dad and that is a heartache all on it's own. 

I don't have the right things to say to my kids or the right way to help myself heal through this. I'm just getting through the days. Some days are good and some days are bad. We're still learning how to be a family of five. We celebrated Halloween. We're planning Thanksgiving and decorating for Christmas. The kids are in school. Weekends are spent doing things around the house and making Target runs. Weeknights are slower since soccer ended so we're focusing on cooking more meals at home and spending time together. I cling to every bit of normalcy I can get. 

I never wanted my introduction to Olive on here to be written along with the words "my dad died". He died on her one month birthday and I feel like the joy of her and the painful loss of him just keep swirling around me and I'm finding it hard to separate them.

So, I find joy in making our favorite meals and giving Olive baths and anywhere else I can. I grieve while in my car alone listening to music that reminds me of my dad. 

I'll be writing content on here again. Sharing more of Olive. Some feel-good holiday content. Our weekly menus again. I'll be grieving in the midst of all of it but I know that I can't let myself stay here in this moment in time. I just keep moving forward the best I can.
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