September 9, 2021

What I Read In August

It was another short month for the books but I did read a few more summer reads I had on my list! 

People We Meet on Vacation - My favorite of the month! I've enjoyed another book by Emily Henry and this one didn't disappoint. A little long-winded at times but a fun story to dive into with all the vacation vibes! 

Evidence of the Affair - I didn't realize this one was a short story. It was a quick book club pick of the month for my group and I. It's written strictly in letter form so that was an interesting little quirk. I read it all in one go while waiting in the school pickup line. Nothing amazing but a quick read to kill some time. I will say it's definitely not up to par with her usual books!

The Layover - Another cute, fluffy read. Vacation vibes with a little love story wrapped in. 

The Apology Project - So, this one. I picked it up and stopped and then picked it up again and slowly read it. It was just okay. A little bit of a rom-com type book but it just didn't hit all the stops for me. 

I'm currently compiling a list of reads for the Fall and excited to make the switch from beachy reads to more thrillers and deeper stories. Give me all the suggestions!

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