September 7, 2021

This Week's Dinners

It's been awhile since I've posted a weekly menu! Rest assured, I'm still relying on them to make our evenings run smoother and avoid extra drive-thru runs. 

The kids are busy most weeknights since after-school activities have started back up and I know adding a newborn to that mix is going to throw us for a big loop so I've been trying to dedicate Friday or Saturday mornings to ordering a grocery pickup for the weekend and jotting down a list of meals to cook throughout the week. 

I'm so thankful that while my appetite hasn't exactly returned from before pregnancy, my aversion to foods has mostly gone away and cooking doesn't feel like an art of torture anymore most days. This week it's all about easy meals that I can throw together since we're still juggling the act of figuring out how to best run our weeknight evenings and still fit in everything (homework, soccer practice, family time...etc.). 

monday // last bbq of the summer! bbq ribs & roasted corn on the cob

tuesday // pulled pork sandwiches & an easy cole slaw (toss together a bag of coleslaw mix, lime juice, chopped parsley, & salt)

thursday // lasagna

friday // stromboli

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