September 2, 2021

Life Lately

It's September, friends! Around here that means that it is officially baby month. It's crazy just typing that, much less digesting the fact that it's true and we are so close. We're all waiting semi-patiently for her to join us earth-side and dreaming of the next few cozy months.

The kids are in school and thriving! Nico has settled right into first grade like his Kindergarten year wasn't half-muddled by covid and watching him grow into this person who is confident and sure in himself fills my heart. Lia is balancing out what it means to be in middle school and the schedule and responsibility that comes with it. She's finding her way in this big world and I couldn't be prouder of her. She's currently home on quarantine due to a close contact in school but she's symptom-free and has tested negative so she's returning to the building next week. It seems we are all figuring out how to take school life day by day.

They both love school though and it's been easier to jump back into that daily routine than I expected!

I'm 36 weeks pregnant and feeling it all. I'm trying to find the balance between getting all the things done and soaking in these last few weeks of having my own free time during the day. In all honesty, I'm too tired and sore most days to do much of anything so it's not been the easiest balance to find. I'm hoping to find time to read a few books, put together a jig saw puzzle, and spend a cozy afternoon on the sofa with a good movie. It's blissfully weird to have large chunks of time all to yourself during the day.  I'd also love to fully settle into a week-day routine with household chores so that I can incorporate as much peace into our evenings as possible and have a good starting point when life shakes up in a few weeks and we find ourselves on a newborn schedule again. 

August was full of end of summer hurrahs and late night bedtimes, a couple of the sweetest baby showers to celebrate Olive, and the return of after-school sports and activities! It was a good month. 

Life has been good lately and with a new chapter right around the corner we are all feeling grateful and settled. I hope you've been feeling the same way!

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