Fall Home Favorites

September 16, 2021

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I won't lie...I've been stalking stores for pumpkins and Target for their halloween collection for two weeks now. There's nothing like some happy dopamine from shopping for your favorite season!

I've rounded up a few of my favorite things to use in our home to bring a little cozy + spooky festive fun to our space. 

Ghost mug // Who doesn't want to drink hot chocolate out of this ghoulish little guy? 

Festive dish towels // Spread the festive cheer to even the most boring of tasks and I bet you'll smile while wiping crumbs from the table. 

Latte bowls // We use these everyday but I like to pile them in festive colors on our open shelves for seasonal fun.

Ghost wall print // Inexpensive instant downloads lets you change up the art in your home easily! I'm loving this ghost print I found on Etsy. 

Woven pumpkin // I grabbed this one at Target a few weeks ago and it's the perfect touch to bring a little fall to our home while keeping it in our style.

Bats // We have a stash of these reusable bats that we use every year. The kids love putting them on the fireplace mantel! 

Wooden board // Halloween charcuterie board? Yes!

Felt garland // I'm obsessed with the color scheme of this felt garland. It would be so dreamy draped across shelves of halloween books! 

Witchy banner // Black and white and classic is always a yes in my book.

Cauldron bowls // Perfect for setting candy out on Halloween night!

Galvanized jack-o-lantern // The cutest jack-o-lantern! I snagged a similar one at Michaels on sale and I'm so excited to add it to our fall decor stash.

Is it too early to start decorating? Cheers to all the cozy Fall homes this year!
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The Third Trimester

September 15, 2021

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9 months! We have made it 9 months with our sweet baby girl and I'm honestly still in disbelief. The grief and anxiety post-loss (especially after multiple back-to-back losses) does strange things to your mind and it never leaves. Not a day has gone by that I haven't worried something is going to happen but we're here. Finally.

We've waited so long for our sweet Olive to join our crew. It's bittersweet that this is most likely my last pregnancy but it feels right. She feels like the last piece of the puzzle for us. I can't even put into words how grateful I am that we get to raise these three kids.

In all honestly though, this has been a rough pregnancy. It's been a super healthy pregnancy, despite a very early-on scare where I thought we had lost her, but it's been tough on my body and exhausting. It's been the opposite of my other pregnancies. From constant nausea to experiencing contractions (I never had them with Lia or Nico!), it's been a wild ride. 

There's days that I feel like I'm never going to be 100% ready for her. I think the trauma from past losses had held back a bit of excitement. It was incredibly hard to pull her room together and buy the things we needed because I felt something holding me back.

Her room is ready though! It took longer than I expected but she's got her space when she joins us. A cozy, green room for her to grow in.

The kids are counting down the days! Witnessing it through their eyes brings magic and wonder to our lives. Nico kisses my belly every day and has given her the nickname "Ollie". Lia watches me with care and has been a huge help getting her room ready!

We had two of the sweetest baby sprinkles to celebrate our girl! I think those really settled it in for us that we're bringing another babe into the world. Also, when did all the baby stuff get so stylish & amazing? 

There's tiny baby clothes to wash, a carseat to install, one more OB and ultrasound appointment, and the last of the nesting to do (I'm feeling the urge to organize all the cabinets and closets in our house!) but, we're ready any day now for her. Still keeping our fingers crossed she sticks to the scheduled c-section date, though. Balancing two full schedules for the kids while trying to nail down the logistical plans of what happens when I'm in the hospital has my eye twitching already!

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This Week's Dinners

September 14, 2021

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This is probably the last meal plan I make before I give birth! I think we're all feeling the jitters that comes a week before labor so here's to our meal plan keeping us on track and bringing some calm to our last full week as a family of 4.

monday // grilled chicken & peppers w/rice (we top this with homemade cheese sauce and call it special rice named after a dish at a local Mexican restaurant!) 

tuesday // chicken caesar club salad

wednesday // chicken wings

thursday // pancakes

friday // spaghetti & meatballs
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How To Get Into The Fall Mood

September 13, 2021

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I was born in the full swing of summer, but for as long as I can remember, Fall has been my season. There's just something about crunchy leaves, cozy sweaters, a chill in the air, and all the pumpkins that gives me a contented feeling. It's like taking a deep breath of fresh air.

Living in the south most of my life though means when the calendar rolls over to September, the weather still doesn't drop out of the 80s/90s and I've learned to take things into my own hands to cultivate that warm and fuzzy feeling.

Here's a few of my favorite things to to find that fall mood...

Open the windows.  Is there anything better than a crisp breeze blowing through the house? 

Make it smell good. Burn your favorite fall candle or make a simmer pot. 

Make a fall playlist. Mine always includes a few favorite songs from the You've Got Mail soundtrack!

Fill the house with pumpkins! Spotting a pumpkin on a front porch always makes me smile. Our pumpkins make it inside the house too - on shelves, kitchen counters, and bedroom dressers too. I like to spread the joy from room to room. 

Make comfort food. This time of year gets hectic for us with soccer schedules/after school activities/halloween events so falling back on some cozy meals that have been cooking all day in the slow-cooker always makes an evening feel a little more peaceful.

Curate your kids' books! I start this early so I can fill their shelves with books from our own collection and ones we grab from the library. Festive bookshelves in my kids rooms is something they look forward to. And, we always have a basket of seasonal reads in the living room so the kids can easily grab a book and snuggle on the sofa. 

Grab your coziest sweater or build a fall capsule wardrobe . I just picked this sweater up at Target and I'm obsessed. I'll be postpartum most of the season so I'm thinking all the leggings, oversized tees, and cozy sweaters to streamline my mornings.

It's really just being deliberate with the moments in our days and really soaking in the little things that make the season. The season is so short and I wish it would last forever! 

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My Favorite Fall Movies To Watch For A Cozy Vibe

September 10, 2021

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If you've been craving a dose of Fall, this list is for you! We are a movie-loving family and there's nothing like a good film to get you in a certain seasonal mood. These are our classic, favorite movies to watch in the fall! Sometimes I'll throw one on in the background while cleaning up downstairs and other times we'll pop some popcorn (toss in some candy corn, too!) and get cozy on the sofa for a movie night.

From scenes with crunchy leaves and bouquets of pencils to football to fuzzy family moments, these won't let you down! 
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What I Read In August

September 9, 2021

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It was another short month for the books but I did read a few more summer reads I had on my list! 

People We Meet on Vacation - My favorite of the month! I've enjoyed another book by Emily Henry and this one didn't disappoint. A little long-winded at times but a fun story to dive into with all the vacation vibes! 

Evidence of the Affair - I didn't realize this one was a short story. It was a quick book club pick of the month for my group and I. It's written strictly in letter form so that was an interesting little quirk. I read it all in one go while waiting in the school pickup line. Nothing amazing but a quick read to kill some time. I will say it's definitely not up to par with her usual books!

The Layover - Another cute, fluffy read. Vacation vibes with a little love story wrapped in. 

The Apology Project - So, this one. I picked it up and stopped and then picked it up again and slowly read it. It was just okay. A little bit of a rom-com type book but it just didn't hit all the stops for me. 

I'm currently compiling a list of reads for the Fall and excited to make the switch from beachy reads to more thrillers and deeper stories. Give me all the suggestions!
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This Week's Dinners

September 7, 2021

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It's been awhile since I've posted a weekly menu! Rest assured, I'm still relying on them to make our evenings run smoother and avoid extra drive-thru runs. 

The kids are busy most weeknights since after-school activities have started back up and I know adding a newborn to that mix is going to throw us for a big loop so I've been trying to dedicate Friday or Saturday mornings to ordering a grocery pickup for the weekend and jotting down a list of meals to cook throughout the week. 

I'm so thankful that while my appetite hasn't exactly returned from before pregnancy, my aversion to foods has mostly gone away and cooking doesn't feel like an art of torture anymore most days. This week it's all about easy meals that I can throw together since we're still juggling the act of figuring out how to best run our weeknight evenings and still fit in everything (homework, soccer practice, family time...etc.). 

monday // last bbq of the summer! bbq ribs & roasted corn on the cob

tuesday // pulled pork sandwiches & an easy cole slaw (toss together a bag of coleslaw mix, lime juice, chopped parsley, & salt)

thursday // lasagna

friday // stromboli

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Life Lately

September 2, 2021

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It's September, friends! Around here that means that it is officially baby month. It's crazy just typing that, much less digesting the fact that it's true and we are so close. We're all waiting semi-patiently for her to join us earth-side and dreaming of the next few cozy months.

The kids are in school and thriving! Nico has settled right into first grade like his Kindergarten year wasn't half-muddled by covid and watching him grow into this person who is confident and sure in himself fills my heart. Lia is balancing out what it means to be in middle school and the schedule and responsibility that comes with it. She's finding her way in this big world and I couldn't be prouder of her. She's currently home on quarantine due to a close contact in school but she's symptom-free and has tested negative so she's returning to the building next week. It seems we are all figuring out how to take school life day by day.

They both love school though and it's been easier to jump back into that daily routine than I expected!

I'm 36 weeks pregnant and feeling it all. I'm trying to find the balance between getting all the things done and soaking in these last few weeks of having my own free time during the day. In all honesty, I'm too tired and sore most days to do much of anything so it's not been the easiest balance to find. I'm hoping to find time to read a few books, put together a jig saw puzzle, and spend a cozy afternoon on the sofa with a good movie. It's blissfully weird to have large chunks of time all to yourself during the day.  I'd also love to fully settle into a week-day routine with household chores so that I can incorporate as much peace into our evenings as possible and have a good starting point when life shakes up in a few weeks and we find ourselves on a newborn schedule again. 

August was full of end of summer hurrahs and late night bedtimes, a couple of the sweetest baby showers to celebrate Olive, and the return of after-school sports and activities! It was a good month. 

Life has been good lately and with a new chapter right around the corner we are all feeling grateful and settled. I hope you've been feeling the same way!
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