August 19, 2021

What I Read In July

Summer burnout + the start of school + being 8 months pregnant means I haven't been reaching for books like I want to! I'm hoping a cozier, calmer Fall will do the trick.

For now, I'm trying to dive in the last few beachy reads I had on my list for this summer. I tackled a few in July and they were all good!

Last Summer at the Golden Hotel - This one gave me all the Dirty Dancing vibes! Summer at what once was an exclusive club in the Catskills sounds incredibly dreamy, right? Of course, those clubs aren't what they used to be and this story follows the two families that own the Golden Hotel during it's last summer. I loved it!

The Personal Librarian - This wasn't a beachy read but it was a based on a true story of a librarian that climbed her way to the top while keeping hold of a major secret.  

Malibu Rising - Another Taylor Jenkins Reid winner! Loved the characters, loved the setting, really enjoyed it overall!

Between Two Kingdoms - Another non-beachy read but this memoir about a cancer diagnosis, putting your life on hold, and what happens when your life restarts. It was heavy at times but incredibly well-written. Read it! 

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