August 20, 2021


Brand new backpacks & matching shoes, be still my heart! These babes are back in school this week and it's been a week! I always forget how much of an adjustment the first week is. We're all extra tired and stumbling around this new routine we're trying to create. 

Lia was pretty nervous to start 6th grade but our saving grace is that she didn't have to change schools! The kids' school is K-8th so they get to stick together for awhile. Nico had no nerves about starting first grade but the lack of sleep in the mornings isn't his favorite thing! Though, ironically, any other morning he pops out of bed bright eyed at 7 AM...

They both came home saying the first day was great. Nico is most excited about Lego Lab with L's old 4th/5th grade teacher. He's currently trying to convince her they need to watch Lego Masters in class!

Lia admitted that middle school isn't as bad as she thought and I hope it stays that way for her! I remember some awkward times of my own in middle school. I think math class and art class are going to be her favorites again this year. 

I couldn't resist making a festive snack board for after school either! Target always wins with their themed sugar cookies. 

Here's to finishing out the week strong (and healthy!) and finding that routine we so badly need. Sending all the mamas a big hug and cheering you on! 

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