July 8, 2021

A Summer Sketchbook Kit

We're hitting the full swing of summer and my kids love screen time. Which is all good, sometimes, and I try to find a natural balance between being relaxed about it and making sure they have plenty of other options on hand as well.

A summer sketchbook sounded like such a fun idea to incorporate. They are packable and we can easily toss them in the car for an afternoon at the park or on a road trip. Inspired by lots of Pinterest images and this post by Kelle Hampton.  

The kids and I picked out the supplies together and filled their kits with:

Crayola washable watercolors (we'll bring along a plastic bowl and some water for this!)
Kid scissors
Pencils (and a travel sharpener)
Colored pencils 

Everything fit perfect inside these mesh bags from Michaels.

I also taped this list from Kelle's post to give the kids some ideas when they are feeling uninspired or need a quick plan. 

I'm hoping we'll have lots of watercolor drawings of all of our summer adventures that make up one magic-filled summer story!

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