June 30, 2021

Scout The Lop

Meet Scout, the newest member of our crew! 

Lia has wanted a bunny since her first grade teacher had free-roam bunnies as the class pet. I mean, who wouldn't want a fluffy pal after that? We've always been kind of a one-pet family, especially after a trial run with a second dog that didn't work out for us and so another pet wasn't really in the plans for us.

As fate would have it though, the stars aligned and after weeks of talking about getting a bunny from a friend whose bunny had babies and mentally getting on board with the idea of a second pet months before we bring home a new baby, and then deciding that if we get a bunny it should be the breed I've always loved...Scout, our holland lop bun, was secured through our friend who found a local women that had bunnies.

We kept it a surprise until the very last minute. We put together his hutch late at night and hid it with all the supplies a new baby bun needs in the garage. I took the kids out for normal errands while my friend snuck into our house and placed Scout in his hutch. Manny came home for lunch and just casually waited for the kids until I brought them home. 

The shock on their faces was worth every minute of holding in the surprise! 

They are smitten with Scout. We all are! So smitten in fact that they don't complain when they have to clean out his hutch and litter box 1-2x a day. Which is a total win in my book! 

Scout is dreamy and curious and so damn fluffy. He's been with us for a week now and we're working on litter box training and adjusting him to eventually (hopefully) become a free roam bunny. He's quickly becoming a family favorite and joins us for board game nights and watches soccer on the TV with Nico.  Even Toby is starting to, slowly, adjust to him!

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