June 8, 2021

How To Style Grocery Store Flowers

Fresh flowers are one of my most favorite things! There's just something about a gorgeous flower arrangement that brightens my mood. But, they can be expensive (and rightfully so!). But, I thought I'd try my hand at pulling together a scaled down version of some of my favorite arrangement ideas.

Grocery store flowers! Don't knock them until you try them. When I ran my party business, I almost always used grocery store flowers. They are fairly inexpensive and between a few of my favorite grocery stores, I could usually find what I needed. 

As far as grocery store flowers go, I'd say Trader Joe's is the best. My closet TJ is about 2 hours away though so I stick with Publix and Kroger and occasionally The Fresh Market. 

I grabbed these on a whim when picking up some things for dinner so the choices were pretty limited. I picked up a bundle of beige carnations, a filler bundle that caught my eye, and a handful of greenery. Eucalyptus is my go-to but when my store is out, I settle for whatever greenery I can find.

The arrangement cost me around $12 and took me about 20 minutes or so. I taped off a grid pattern on a vase to help structure the arrangement then I started trimming down all my flowers and put them all in a pile to pull from.

I started with greenery around the outside and a few pieces on the inside then used the carnations and fillers as the bulk of the middle of the arrangement. I personally prefer more greenery with pops of color so I will definitely be doing this again when I can shop around for more options! 

I love to use non-traditional vases - milk jugs, vintage crocks, glassware I've painted. The less typical "vase shape", the better. Target usually has a few great vintage-style crocks every season and thrift stores are fun to pick through.

At the end of the day, I've got a pretty good arrangement for $12 and it's definitely bringing some light and joy this gloomy, rainy week! 

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