May 16, 2021

The Sunday Edition, 31

Our washing machine broke this week and it just felt so crushing for a day or two. But, it led to a family day at the laudromat and a stop for donuts & ice cream, and new memories made. It reminded me to focus on the good and the bright and the joy. Between being utterly exhausted with this pregnancy and trying so hard to keep up, it's easy to feel like I'm drowning in the midst of life. In the end, we fixed the washing machine together, as a couple, tackling something we had no idea what to do - the internet is a great thing some days.

So, here's my Sunday edition. It's full of the happy and the bright and the joy I've found online this week. They are crammed into the corners of my mind and my social media presence and I save them and collect them between the other joy-filled ordinary moments of life. 

The cutest DIY wrapping paper.

How to paint a faux-tile doorstep. I need to figure out where I can do this in our house!

A new salad recipe to try for the summer.

We recently finished watching the entire Big Bang Theory series and I stumbled across this photoshoot that Jim Parsons did and I almost can't believe that it's Sheldon Cooper!

I've been following Ashley & Dino start their inn and it's dreamy and summer magic with amazing design all wrapped together. 

Here's to next week - come what may and find the joy in it. 

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