May 28, 2021

A Pregnancy Update

That sweet profile! I'm smitten.

I had grand plans of documenting every moment of this pregnancy since it's most likely our last. And, yet, here we are, over halfway done and having documented almost nothing! 

Fatigue, nausea, back pain... all my constant sidekicks lately and the reason for the lack of documenting.

Baby O is doing well! She's constantly active (according to our multiple ultrasounds) and I can feel little kicks and flops a few times every day. We've had a couple anatomy scans now since she's proving difficult to get shots of everything they need. We're also keeping an eye on a few possible medical things that could pop up for me, but otherwise, things are good! 

The kids are in love! They tell her goodbye every morning when they go to school and goodnight every night when I tuck them in. They are probably even more impatient than I am for her to join us outside of the belly. 

If I'm being honest, between post-loss anxiety, feeling tired all the time, and food aversions/no appetite, it's felt pretty rough for a while. It's also the most amazing feeling to be pregnant though and create this bond with a tiny babe your body is literally growing. 

The miracle of it never fails me. Here's to the last few months! 

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