Gift Guide For The Mamas

April 30, 2021

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Mother's Day is a little over a week away and it's time to show them some love! 

I always get asked what I want for Mother's Day and I can never come up with something up on the spot. Usually, I end up asking for a quiet day with my crew, preferably eating good food outside and wandering the streets of Savannah. 

But this year I decided to pull together a guide of things I'd truly love and I think the mamas in your life would too.

A good read // I love a good book of any kind but these two in particular are on my to-read list!

Mesh zippered bags // I have grand ideas of organizing all of our puzzles and board games with these mesh bags! They'd also be great to throw in your beach bag or purse to keep those little items together.

My favorite candle // This Capri Blue candle (and a dupe from Walmart) is the only one I burn in my home. Especially with smells really bothering me this pregnancy, it's one of the few smells I can handle. 

The perfect beach/pool bag // The Croc shoe of bags! This bag looks perfect for all those wet and sandy trips to the pool and beach. 

A charming planter // I currently have the smaller version of one of these gal's and she makes me smile every time I pass her. 

And when all else fails, breakfast in bed with a side of gorgeous flowers usually does the trick!

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What I Read in February

April 26, 2021

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Nothing like starting a good fantasy series to distract from the constant nausea of early pregnancy! 

Since it's late April already, let's play a little "what I've read" catch-up.

The Only Woman in the Room - It ticked all the right boxes at first (fictional war story, female main character) but it fell a little short for me. A good book overall, but it dragged a bit.

Enjoy The View - A quick, cheesy rom com read. Cute series!

Lowcountry Boondoggle - I love reading these. They are a little cheesy too, and not quite as good as the earlier books in the series, but they are based locally and I love picking up on the Charleston vibes.

A Court of Thorns and Roses - This was a good one! Once you get past the wings and shift-shaping characters, there's a good story there.

The End of Her - This one drove me slightly crazy as some psych thrillers do (I always want to yell at the characters when they don't clearly see the "bad guy") but it had a very twisty ending. 

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Why It's Been So Quiet Around Here

April 20, 2021

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We're going to be welcoming a sweet baby girl into our family in September!  I'm 17 weeks pregnant and it's incredibly surreal to say that again. 

After 3 recent miscarriages, so many tears and heartbreaks, and a lot of test results that answered no questions, we found out that I was pregnant in January and we've been taking it day by day since then. Everyday is a mix of gratitude, anxiety (so much anxiety...), longing, hope, and exhaustion. 

I can't say it's been easy, so far. The second trimester feels exactly like the first with only a smidgen of extra energy. The nausea is pretty consistent and the lack of appetite doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. But it's ours. We made it to this point and I can't put into words how thankful we are.

We are all so excited and so, so grateful for the chance to bring this sweet girl into the world. 

Here's to you, Olive Lucia. You are loved beyond words already. 

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Easter Basket Fillers

April 1, 2021

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Easter baskets are one of my favorite things to make for my kids! It's so exciting to shop for spring goodies and dream about a new season. So, if you're looking for a few last-minute ideas, I've got you!

Ooly art supplies // We love the Ooly brand! I always throw a few art supplies in the kid's baskets since we're constantly throwing out dried-up markers and switching out art supplies in the kiddo's art cart.

Wabooba moon ball // These are the most fun! We just found these in a local store and I knew we had to put one in their baskets. They are mini-sized but they bounce SO high!

Kids baseball cap // Hats are a must in the south! I love this basic style from Amazon.

Checkered swimsuit // I put a new swimsuit in the kids' Easter baskets every year! Our pool actually opens   for the season today so these new swimsuits are going to get A TON of use!

Colorblocked swimsuit // I love the quality of Gap swimsuits for the kids! This color blocked one is something L is going to love!

Books // I put books in any holiday related basket/gift to the kids! Nico's getting a funny picture book and L's getting the newest BSC graphic novel she's been eyeing.

Hydroflask // The kids use refillable water bottles every day! Between school and sports, their current ones are definitely working overtime so I'm adding a new bottle to each kids' basket!

Water bottle stickers // And, you can't give them new water bottles without stickers to show off their style! I bought a few packs between amazon and target and picked up a favorite or two from a local store and I'm going to pull a few out for each kiddo's basket. The rest I'll stash away for the next holiday!

Rolled hem shorts // Shorts and tees are so good to roll up and stuff Easter baskets with. The kids are going to need them anyways! I couldn't resist these cute rust-colored rolled hem shorts for L.

Girls pink sandals // These sandals are the perfect style for summer - from the beach to the pool and everywhere in between!

Easter basket // I snagged these baskets from Target to replace the kid's old baskets. I wanted them to finally have something matching and I think the wire is going to hold up really well.

Here's to a chocolate and fun filled Easter!

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