March 10, 2021

What I Read in January

I had no plans to make another reading goal until I realized how much I loved the amount of reading I did last year. I made a loose goal to read 100 books this year but mainly, I just want to track the books I read so I can look back on them.

What Kind of Woman - An honest and beautiful collection of poetry. I loved starting out my year with this one. 

We Run the Tides - I expected a lot more from this novel. It was good but I kept feeling like something was missing. 

Love Your Life - A cute romantic comedy novel!

The Fixed Stars - A memoir about life, love, and finding out who you are. I really enjoyed reading something on a deeper, personal level. 

The Queen's Gambit - I read this so I could watch the show. I never got around to watching the TV show but the book was good! 

Widowish - Another personal memoir. This one was a deep read and heartbreaking at points but overall, a really good read.

The Huntress - A historical novel win. This one switches back and forth in time but focuses on World War Two and hunting nazis with personal and inspiring characters woven in. One of my favorites of the year so far!

Home Body - Another poetry book. Quick read but enjoyable!

Winter Solstice - The final book in the Winter Street collection. Loved the Quinn family when I started the series last year and still love the Quinn family now that their story is complete.

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