March 7, 2021

The Sunday Edition, 29

I'm tired, you guys. Just exhausted and finding myself waking up everyday and pep talking myself to just get through the day. It's just the season we're in this week, month, year. It's all a lot. But, I cling to the daily joys and the normalness wherever I can find it. 

A new library book, ripe tomatoes to snack on, friday nights gathered around the TV watching the newest episode of WandaVision, school projects coming home, morning kisses from my babes, a stroll through the farmers market, a Target run, restocking the toilet paper basket and folding all the towels. 

If you're tired too, keep hanging in there. Add up all those joyful, mundane moments of your day and use them as fuel! 

And here's a few things from around the web...things that brought a smile to my face and a little joy to my soul.

Our go-to pancake recipe, as of lately. There's something about the mundane task of making pancake batter from scratch that has a spark of magic each time I do it.

And, so is this holiday bin!

A chocolate chip cookie that looks delicious.

These colored tumblers are so fun!

Did you know - Disney reuses animation?!

This instagram post hit me in such a good way.

I wish you a sunny and relaxing Sunday!

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