March 5, 2021

A Textured Art DIY

I have been tackling small projects around the house lately! Switching up art work, restyling shelves, and anything else that crosses my mind to freshen up. It never fails that spring starts to roll around and I want to give the house a shake up!

This textured art project was the perfect one to try. Inspired by a post I saw on Instagram recently and the ever popular trend lately to cover stuff in joint compound/spackling/mud and bring some beauty to an old piece (that I've been meaning to do forever!). 

You're going to need: 

  • A old framed print, piece of art, or canvas (I used a large framed print I got at Ikea years ago that's just been collecting dust in the guest room) 
  • Spackling compound
  • A putty knife
  • Tape
  • Paint

This was so easy and and cost under $12 (with plenty of spackling left for another project)! 

Ok, tape off your frame! Painters tape is great but I didn't have on hand so washi tape it was! In light layers, just slap it on with a putty knife until the entire piece is covered. Spread it in different directions until you've got a texture and interest you like! And, get your kiddos involved! My little guy loved helping spread on the compound.

Then let that gorgeous piece dry, probably overnight.

When it's dry, just remove the tape and fill in any gaps around the edge. I alternated between my fingers and a small angled spreader I had on hand. Let that dry and you're done!

I styled mine and sat with it a few days and realized that the putty dried a little too pink for me. So, I grabbed a small bottle of white acrylic paint and did a few light coats over it! I just tried to feather it and then fill in the larger textured gaps to cover all the pink and blend it well. 

I really didn't put a lot of thought into it. Natural and easy was what I was aiming for. And, I love it! It's a great statement piece and mine is extra special since my kid helped me create it. 

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