This Week's Dinners

January 11, 2021

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It's January and it's taken me the first 11 days to even sort of settle into the year. 

We wrapped up Christmas pretty quickly and took off for Florida. When we got back, I couldn't seem to get my head straight. There was the shit show at the capital. Nico's SIXTH birthday! And, we got word while in Disney that his Kindergarten in-person start date was being pushed up almost an entire month.

He started today! Which, besides leaving me even more emotional & foggy-brained, put us into a whirlwind of a weekend celebrating his birthday while shopping for uniforms and groceries to make lunches with. 

It's been a weird day but I'm excited for my productivity levels to rise! Starting with some home-cooked meals for my crew...

monday // chicken & waffles

tuesday // potato soup

wednesday // grilled chicken caesar salad

thursday // burgers w/roasted fingerling potatoes

Not having to cook or do the dishes is always one of my favorite part of vacations. But, by the time we get back home, I'm usually ready to cook up a few good meals for my crew. Lots of comfort food this week to fill up our bellies and our souls!
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