December 2, 2020

What I read in November

I started the month off slow with Cleo McDougal (a decent read but nothing earth shattering) then didn't read another book until last week when I plowed through a few romantic comedies, more of the Mindy Kaling short stories (always good!) and All Adults Here (more enjoyable than I expected!).
I haven't read a rom-com novel in YEARS but Would Like to Meet and One Day in December were the perfect reads for the end of the month. Cozy, romantic, and perfect to snuggle up in bed with.

All Adults Here was about a mom questioning her parenting mistakes (how relatable is that?) and her life/choices alongside her now grown children and their life/choices. It was full of family, changes, acceptance, and love. I loved it!

Cleo McDougal Regrets Nothing hit the spot for a political novel with a female lead right in the midst of our very political month. Fitting with the rest of books I read this month, there was a little love mixed in but it wasn't a rom-com at all. It was mainly about motherhood, friendship, and owning up to oneself.

Mindy Kaling's short stories are short and sweet. Think 30ish pages of her fresh, fun, personality shining through the pages with a large dash of her real life.

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