December 31, 2020

What I read in December

December was for all the romantic winter books. I have long past my goal of 52 books and I wanted to disappear into some books that didn't require heavy thought. I just wanted to be swept away to a simpler world for a little while. And while all of these books didn't exactly tick the "simpler world" box for the characters, I loved them all anyways!

Winter Street The first in the Winter collection by Elin Hilderbrand. I loved this series and I am almost done with the last book in the series. The Quinn family reminds me of the family in The Family Stone and you just want to curl up in their inn and root for them! 

The Tourist Attraction Another series! This one was more of a romantic comedy set in Alaska. The books each focus on a different set of characters from the series. It was short, sweet, easy to read and exactly what one needs in the middle of December.

Winter Stroll The Quinn family trials and triumphs continued in this book and made me fall even more in love with the characters.

Mistletoe & Mr Right More Alaskan fun.. Another easy, short & sweet read with characters that are completely likable.

The Two Lives of Lydia Bird I loved this one. Possibly my favorite of the month. It had depth and charm and a quality that I've noticed Josie Silver threads into her books. I loved the story and I couldn't help but hope Lydia Bird found her way through the story. 

Winter Storms The Quinn family members have found a solid place in my heart! I can't wait to finish the series.

I don't think I'll make another reading goal for 2021 but I will continue to share my monthly reads here on the blog. I think I'll share the kids' reads more often too! 

Here's to all the good reads awaiting us in the next year!

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