December 21, 2020

This Week's Dinners

It's time for another holiday meal plan! Food is so closely related to holidays, don't you think? We create such beloved traditions with food during the holidays we celebrate. 

For us, years ago, we started a tradition of spaghetti & meatballs on Christmas Eve. I was very pregnant with Lia and the doctors that day decided I would go in to be induced the day after Christmas and we had planned to host a Christmas Eve dinner for Manny's family. The easiest thing to make for his large family was spaghetti and from there the tradition was born. We've had it every Christmas Eve since.

And a few years ago, we went to Savannah on the eve of Christmas Eve to finish up some last minute shopping and wander the twinkly-lit city streets and share a meal at our favorite cuban restaurant. Somehow, we did the same thing the next year and then the next and I realized we had inadvertently started a tradition. Christmas Eve Eve cuban!

monday // enchiladas

tuesday // grilled chicken cobb salad

wednesday // cuban at our favorite restaurant 

thursday // spaghetti & garlic bread

friday // hibachi 

saturday // chili

I typically only plan from the weekdays and we eat out or plan our weekend meals as they come up but this week I planned for the weekend after Christmas so we aren't scrambling with the last of the holiday crowds! 

Do you have special holiday meal traditions? I'd love to hear them!

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