December 27, 2020

The Sunday Edition, 28

Christmas is over and we're in the weird time of the month where we don't know what day it is and the house is a mess and we're starting to think we should probably do something that resembles life and productivity again!

We let the mess sit for a couple of days. We binged watched the first season of The Mandalorian. We cooked dinner and ate on the sofa. Then, we cleaned up the mess and watched more of The Mandalorian. 

The next week will be a good mix of holiday laziness and getting things in order before we leave for Florida and celebrate the kids' birthdays.

For now, here's a little something that resembles life and a few things from around the web...

A really good chocolate cake recipe! I'm going to use it for Lia's birthday cake this week.

An oral history of The Family Stone. All the feels when I watch this movie. It's probably my favorite Christmas movie. And, it was extra feel-y this year!

The kids favorite gifts from Christmas morning // Harry Potter legos & a skateboard

Smashed potatoes! A recipe I tried this week that was a hit.

15 bingeable books to read over the holiday break! I need to find my next book to read and I think I'll start with this list.

A little shelf-inspiration. We're playing around with the idea of wall-to-wall floating shelves in L's walk-in closet and this post gives me all the shelfy vibes!

A phone case loop. I got one in my stocking and I am so excited about the style!

And, Five Nice Things - a dinner game that looks like a fun way to get everyone talking more at the dinner table!

Happy Sunday! 

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