December 6, 2020

The Sunday Edition, 26

It's December, friends! I feel like we're entering the last stretch of the year but we still can't see the finish line. So, I'm filling up the month with lots of cheery and magic and trying to learn how to take things slow and breath and let go of the "extra" and the things that make me feel heavy with anxiety.

And here's a few things from around the web... all of which have made me smile, seem do-able, or have just made me sigh with relief.

Hibachi at home! We love doing hibachi in the kitchen with our countertop griddle and wok pan but we just upgraded to a Blackstone griddle and I cannot wait to start hibachi nights in the backyard!

Our nightly read-along with the kids this month!

A gingerbread craft I'm adding to our advent calendar!

I'm starting this series of winter novels this month and I'm pretty excited about them.

Some wise words while I, and I'm sure you guys too, are struggling with the decisions we find ourselves having to make.

'Tis the season for lots of Elf on the Shelf ideas. And yes, some of them are so basic making them right up my low elf-pectations alley!

A beautifully written article by Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex after experiencing her miscarriage.

Santa mugs in different skin tones. Those are currently sold out but Target has a cute alternative! Fun fact, we collect one new Santa mug every year and eventually I plan to split the collect up with the kids when they grow up and have their own homes and families.

And there we have it. I wish you a sigh of relief on this Sunday!

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