December 18, 2020

Holiday Gift Guide // Stocking Stuffers

I'm sharing the last gift guide of the season with you guys today! And, it's probably my favorite. Christmas stockings have been my favorite part of Christmas morning since I was little. My mom took stocking stuffers serious and it was always so magical to see a stocking brimming with fun goodies when we woke up.

I have happily kept the tradition of overstuffed stockings going for my own babes but with my own touch! Because, as much as I loved stocking stuffers as a child,  as an adult I hate tiny junk that ends up everywhere or breaks two days later. It makes me a little crazy. So, I stuff their stockings to the brim with fun things I know they'll actually use with a few treats for good measure!

Other favorites...
Favorite candy/treats! My kids love fruit snacks and the tiny jars of Nutella. 
Individual packs of hot cocoa
Ornaments! I pick out a new one each year for my kids and stick it in their stocking. They are always so excited to hang it on the tree when the next Christmas rolls around.
Small toys of whatever they are currently into. Bakugan and Barbie for my babes this year.
Stickers for their water bottles or enamel pins for their backpacks/jackets
Card/dice games
Art supplies - markers, sidewalk chalk, paintbrushes & bottles of acrylic paint are all great ideas!
Cozy gloves
A new toothbrush

For her // phone grip, hair ties, crossword puzzle book, recipe cards, and pretty kitchen utensils (gold | black silicone)

Other favorites...
A paperback novel
Personal care items - nail polish, travel size products, her favorite makeup/makeup sponges
Her favorite treats
A small version of her favorite candle
Reusable straws
A pack of her favorite ink pens
Cozy socks
Hand lotion

Other favorites...
A bag of his favorite coffee
Enough candy to fuel those last few days of work
Lottery tickets! These are a favorite that I sneak into everyone's stocking.
Personal care items - deodorant, shaving cream, chapstick
A new wallet
Personalized keychain
Gift cards to his favorite lunch spots
Car air freshener 
A warm beanie hat 

Happy stocking stuffing, friends!

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