December 4, 2020

Holiday Gift Guide // For The Kids

I'm so excited to share the first ever of my gift guides with you guys today! 

I have actually finished up the kids' Christmas shopping this year, the earliest I have ever gotten it done, so this list is filled with tried-and-true favorites and a few of the special things that will be waiting under the tree for my kiddos. 

Games are one of the things the kids will probably never tire of. Board games, card games, and dice games especially are hits with our crew. 

Lia has wanted a camera for a few years now. I actually haven't gotten her one yet. I'm torn between some type of digital camera and a polaroid. Polaroids are my favorite, so cute and fun! I just don't love the buying film part.  This one, though, seems to always get shared and is the top on my list of possibilities!

A classic favorite! This year is going to be a big one for the Harry Potter sets as Lia recently fell in love with the books. Nico is hoping for the Mario sets

Magnatiles have been another go-to toy in our house. We started the kids collection a few Christmases ago and they have remained a favorite.

I know, shoes for Christmas, sounds boring, right? But, our kids almost always get at least one thing that they need and it's usually shoes and they love shoes! Lia is into classic checkerboard vans at the moment and since Nico is also getting a skateboard (I'm equal parts excited and nervous about this gift!), I'm pretty sure he needs a pair too. We also love gifting them Crocs and Toms!

Books are the one thing that will be always, always be under the tree. I love large, hard cover books full of knowledge and gorgeous pictures like the Atlas of Adventures series and a good novel or two to balance out our beloved collection of picture books.

Ok, so many good things! I hope there's something on here that inspires you to find the thing you'd love to gift!


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