December 9, 2020

Holiday Gift Guide // For Him

Men can be so hard to shop for! M and I don't do Christmas gifts for each other. We do fill up a stocking (my favorite!) for each other but typically, if there is something we really want or need we'll get it during the year or on other holidays (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.). 

This year though, I've got a gift guide that is full of things great for the men in your life!

M got a Blackstone griddle recently and he's in love! I honestly didn't see the point of having two different grills (we also have a charcoal Weber that we have loved for years) but I'm fully on the Blackstone griddle train now. Burgers, hibachi, pancakes + eggs, it's all so good. And, what's better than a wireless smart meat thermometer for your tech-loving guy to go along with it!

A good shave is a seriously good gift. My guy loves the Harry's line of razors and face products. This nick stick looks like a great addition to any guy's daily shave routine, too!

Apple wireless earbuds are a must-have for my guy. This mini cleaning kit will help keep them at their best and combat daily wear and use.

A warm, fitted beanie and a pair of waterproof boots are staples in my guy's wardrobe. Pair them with some fun socks and you've got a gift guaranteed to bring smiles!

Happy merry shopping!

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