December 22, 2020

Gift Wrapping Ideas & DIY Tags

I decided to step up my wrapping game this year! In an attempt to slow down and find the joy, I started to turn wrapping presents into an activity rather than a rush of paper and tape at midnight on Christmas Eve. 

I'll be honest with you guys, I don't wrap the presents! I handpick the wrapping paper and I went to three stores for the perfect ribbon and twine and I designed the gift tags. But the actual wrapping is Manny's job. As OCD as I am, it doesn't translate to wrapping gifts...

So, we tag team the wrapping. I choose the paper and hand him the gifts, he wraps, then I'll add the tags & trimmings. 

In our house, Santa brings one gift that's something specific off the kids' letter to Santa Claus and the rest is from mom and dad! I pick out two wrapping papers and slip a tiny piece into each stocking so the kid's know whose gifts are whose on Christmas morning! Santa gifts are sometimes wrapped (with special paper) and sometimes not but they always have a special "Santa" gift tag.

This is actually the first year we had put presents under the tree early! I picked out a few more matching paper rolls and we wrapped all the kids' gifts from their aunts/uncles/cousins, etc. and put those under the tree. The kids will open them in the next couple days. 

I love the feeling of the kids going to bed to an empty tree and waking up to the tree full of presents that they haven't seen yet! 

And this year, I created some handmade DIY tags. They brought me such joy that I have to share them!

I was playing around with painting a wreath and a tree while the kids were making their christmas cards last week and I loved them so much that I scanned the paper into the computer and turned them into a graphic. I found some inspiration on Pinterest and Etsy and threw together a printable set of gift tags. 

Click on the tags below to download them! For personal use only, please.

Punch a hole at the top, add some twine/ribbon, maybe even make bows out of chunky yarn or fabric scraps. I just wrapped twine around the gifts a few times in no particular order! 

Pop in a christmas movie, grab your favorite beverage, and get wrapping.

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