December 10, 2020

Christmas Tree Hunting

Picking out a Christmas tree is definitely in my top 5 favorite things to do in December. Followed closely by watching cheesy holiday movies, baking Christmas cookies, watching my kids' eyes light up when they see Santa, and driving around to see lights around town!

There's just something about a lot full of Christmas trees and twinkly lights though and I have special memories from every year we've picked out our tree. There's been years it was so hot we wore shorts. There was the time Nico peed through his diaper. And, the time it took us forever to find a tree because we had to take a bathroom break and then start the process all over! 

We started a tradition of cutting down our own tree at a small local tree farm when we moved to South Carolina. It's such a big part of our tree hunting memories. But, the past few years have just been weird or hard (tree shortage, miscarriage, Covid) and we ended up at Lowe's for our tree this year. 

We did pop by a smaller, local business that sets up a tree lot to snap some cozy, festive photos though. Our perfect tree wasn't there and I can't wait to get back to our usual "cut your own" tradition but memories were made, smiles were shared, and as usual, this year's tree adventure was perfect in it's own way!



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