December 16, 2020

A Holiday Playlist

We're those people that have been listening to Christmas music since November and I don't hate it! The more the merrier, I say, so it's been almost nonstop. With the exception of the new album Taylor Swift just dropped, on my end. The kids couldn't wait and with 2020, all the cheer is needed.

This playlist is so good! I'm a holiday pop fan so there's a lot of that on here and, of course, a few classics that we love too. Judy Garland singing have yourself a merry little Christmas in that one cozy living room scene in The Family Stone where Susannah is watching Meet Me in St. Louis gives me all the warm, fuzzy feels every time! 

Anyways, we play our favorite songs during the holidays to spark cheer and this playlist does the job! I hope you enjoy it!

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