November 2, 2020

What I read in October

This month had a good mix of thrillers and just everyday stories! 

The Southern Book Club's Guide to Slaying Vampires was exactly as it was described. "Steel Magnolias meets Dracula". The 80's vibe was a major player in this novel. I laughed, I cringed, I occasionally inwardly wondered why I chose this book and in the end, I was pretty happy with it. 

The Voting Booth is a YA novel, which isn't usually my type, but it was the perfect read leading up to November and the looming election.

Eleanor Oliphant, Friends and Strangers, The Secrets We Kept and What You Wish For were all solid reads. Lots of family, love, life situations. I really liked them all.

When No One is Watching was... different. I had to finish it as I can't not finish any thriller book I start. But, this one crawled along and I wasn't sure what was really going on and then the ending kind of exploded all at once. 

Ah, then we have Mindy Kaling. Her new mini stories on Amazon are short reads (think 20 pages or so) and her voice shines through the pages. Funny, entertaining, down to earth - just like her!

Here's to all the November reads!

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