November 24, 2020

Our Thanksgiving Menu

It's going to be just the four of us spending Thanksgiving together at home this year. Our little crew doing just our thing! We've actually spent the last couple of Thanksgivings at home so I'm well-adversed in the 'roasting a turkey' department and just really excited for a few cozy days off.

It's been a mess of a year. Yet, we still have so much to be grateful for!

We're going to make the most of our day together. Making one of the kid's favorite breakfast food, setting the table with our fancy glasses and decorating with the leftover pumpkins I banished to the garage last week, and snuggling up with the parade on the TV.

We'll probably talk about going out and getting a Christmas tree and play a game or two. And maybe, just maybe, our elf will make a slightly early appearance. This season is all about magic, after all.

Wishing you a happy, happy Thanksgiving!

PS. These are the only mashed potatoes we make and they are the best ever. 

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