October 27, 2020


The internet was being glitchy on Sunday and then life did it's thing and well, now we've got Sunday links on a Tuesday. 

I'm so excited for Halloween this weekend! A little touch of normalcy amidst the mess. Costumes and treats and pizza with friends. I'm here for it.

And, here's a few things from around the web...

In this weird season of life, the Best of: Parenting Around the World is such a good read!

The Great British Baking Show was never going to save us. Rest assured - we're still major fans!

Lia and I have been reading 'The Witches' every night in anticipation for this release

A pizza dough on my list to attempt.

A Hocus Pocus sequel still in talks...? Yes, please! 

Myers-Briggs types of friendships. I definitely fall into the INTP (detached philosopher) category, how about you? 

Short and sweet today. I have a 5 year old that wants to snuggle before his next zoom class and a lot of ground to cover between making dinner, cleaning the house, and catching up.

Happy Tuesday, friends. Make it a good one!

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