October 11, 2020


It's late Sunday night and we've had a delicious weekend. And by delicious I mean, it was more relaxing than the week and there were some delicious eats mixed in!

A drizzly morning was spent watching Nico play soccer and picking out Halloween costumes (here's Nico's). He turned me down pretty quickly on the homemade costume front and I may have wanted to cry like a baby in Target while being equally relieved that I didn't have to make anything. Lia's going as Hermione Granger and using things from mostly around the house! Then, we grabbed Mexican for lunch and picked up a 5-foot skeleton for the front porch.

Our girl is having a sleepover tonight so we spent the evening in the park with N and came home to bake a skillet apple pie. We're letting them playing hooky from school tomorrow and soaking in one extra day of this delicious weekend together!

And, here's a few things from around the web...

Our nightly read-along with the kids this month!

The prettiest cake on Pinterest right now.

A chicken pot pie that looks like the perfect comfort food right now.

A new season of The Bachelorette starts this week. Are you watching? Print out this bingo card and settle in!

All the details you never knew you wanted (or maybe you did!) on the Hocus Pocus houses. 

Have a wonderful week friends, xo.

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