October 29, 2020

Halloween books we love!

Pulling out holiday books is one of my absolute favorite things to do! I look back through our favorites and look up newer ones to add to our list. I use the library too! Most of our holiday books come from the library. I place them on hold a few weeks early so I can curate the kid's shelves and give them lots of time to enjoy it.

I'll admit, I'm pretty basic when it comes to holiday books. I totally judge a book by it's cover in these cases. Only the prettiest, funniest, best designed books sit on our shelves throughout the holidays. Other favorites (that I deem amazing to read but maybe not as cohesive to look at) live downstairs in a big basket for easy grabbing. 

Most years, the same favorites rotate between the kids' rooms and it's pretty comforting to dive into the same favorites year after year!

Other favorites that didn't make the shelves this year (we love them but the library didn't get copies in time)... Gilbert the Ghost | No Such Thing | How to Make Friends with a Ghost

This year, we chose a chapter book to read aloud together and Nico did really well. I wasn't sure if he'd have the patience for it. I'll chalk it up to the perfect, cozy, slightly spooky, very funny book we picked - Bunnicula. We may even make it a tradition!

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