October 30, 2020

Frosted Halloween Cookies

Traditions are a big sentimental thing for me! The routine and comfort that comes from doing the same thing each year is well, comforting. The kids thrive on it too!

And these cookies are a big tradition in our house. We make this for all the major holidays and sometimes the smaller ones too. They can get a little messy but they are easy to make and the fun and taste completely rule out the mess factor! 

I think the best part is mixing up colors for the frosting. I usually only keep the basic red, blue, yellow, and green food coloring in the house and I play around with the color recipes from this pin

This is the recipe we use every year. I shared it last year too. It's from an old Better Homes & Garden cookbook that I have only ever used for this recipe. The page is ripping out and it's stained and crusted with flour but it's a keeper! I follow the cookie recipe as is but I definitely add in extra flour when it comes to rolling out the dough. Even after 30 minutes chilling, it's usually still sticky.

As for the frosting, I mix the recipe as it calls and then usually add around 2 extra cups of powdered sugar, give or take. You want a creamy frosting that isn't runny and doesn't feel like it's only butter. It's going to seem extra sweet but once you frost the cookies, it all balances out. Trust me!


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