Frosted Halloween Cookies

October 30, 2020

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Traditions are a big sentimental thing for me! The routine and comfort that comes from doing the same thing each year is well, comforting. The kids thrive on it too!

And these cookies are a big tradition in our house. We make this for all the major holidays and sometimes the smaller ones too. They can get a little messy but they are easy to make and the fun and taste completely rule out the mess factor! 

I think the best part is mixing up colors for the frosting. I usually only keep the basic red, blue, yellow, and green food coloring in the house and I play around with the color recipes from this pin

This is the recipe we use every year. I shared it last year too. It's from an old Better Homes & Garden cookbook that I have only ever used for this recipe. The page is ripping out and it's stained and crusted with flour but it's a keeper! I follow the cookie recipe as is but I definitely add in extra flour when it comes to rolling out the dough. Even after 30 minutes chilling, it's usually still sticky.

As for the frosting, I mix the recipe as it calls and then usually add around 2 extra cups of powdered sugar, give or take. You want a creamy frosting that isn't runny and doesn't feel like it's only butter. It's going to seem extra sweet but once you frost the cookies, it all balances out. Trust me!

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Halloween books we love!

October 29, 2020

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Pulling out holiday books is one of my absolute favorite things to do! I look back through our favorites and look up newer ones to add to our list. I use the library too! Most of our holiday books come from the library. I place them on hold a few weeks early so I can curate the kid's shelves and give them lots of time to enjoy it.

I'll admit, I'm pretty basic when it comes to holiday books. I totally judge a book by it's cover in these cases. Only the prettiest, funniest, best designed books sit on our shelves throughout the holidays. Other favorites (that I deem amazing to read but maybe not as cohesive to look at) live downstairs in a big basket for easy grabbing. 

Most years, the same favorites rotate between the kids' rooms and it's pretty comforting to dive into the same favorites year after year!

Other favorites that didn't make the shelves this year (we love them but the library didn't get copies in time)... Gilbert the Ghost | No Such Thing | How to Make Friends with a Ghost

This year, we chose a chapter book to read aloud together and Nico did really well. I wasn't sure if he'd have the patience for it. I'll chalk it up to the perfect, cozy, slightly spooky, very funny book we picked - Bunnicula. We may even make it a tradition!
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What we're watching on netflix

October 28, 2020

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Has there been a better time to veg out on the sofa (or in bed!) and binge watch your favorite shows and movies? 

As a family, we have always bonded over a good movie or TV series. That's not to say we don't put some screen time rules in place, because we totally do. In fact, we allow screens (besides zoom school) only once during the school day and that's when we settle down for the kids' slightly overlapping lunch times and the kids watch a show together. Lately, it's been The Worst Witch and the bewitching, cozy vibes that fill our living room is such a feel-good thing for the middle of our day.

Our other family favorites include Hamilton (it's still a thing in our house!) and The Great British Baking Show. Despite having a list of favorites though, we still deal with the dreaded "what should we watch" situation where we scroll through apps for at least 20 minutes trying to land on the perfect thing to watch. So, it sounded fun to throw together a list for you guys, in case you too need to settle the next "what should we watch" debate!

Some of these are great shows to put on in the background that require no focus. M always turns on a show when folding laundry or washing dishes. My go-to lately is an episode of The Crown while folding 5 hampers of laundry. And others are good for family snuggle sessions on the sofa and some are just for mom to chill and veg out to!

Happy watching! 
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October 27, 2020

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The internet was being glitchy on Sunday and then life did it's thing and well, now we've got Sunday links on a Tuesday. 

I'm so excited for Halloween this weekend! A little touch of normalcy amidst the mess. Costumes and treats and pizza with friends. I'm here for it.

And, here's a few things from around the web...

In this weird season of life, the Best of: Parenting Around the World is such a good read!

The Great British Baking Show was never going to save us. Rest assured - we're still major fans!

Lia and I have been reading 'The Witches' every night in anticipation for this release

A pizza dough on my list to attempt.

A Hocus Pocus sequel still in talks...? Yes, please! 

Myers-Briggs types of friendships. I definitely fall into the INTP (detached philosopher) category, how about you? 

Short and sweet today. I have a 5 year old that wants to snuggle before his next zoom class and a lot of ground to cover between making dinner, cleaning the house, and catching up.

Happy Tuesday, friends. Make it a good one!
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This Week's Dinners

October 26, 2020

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This week's eats are coming to you straight from my crew. They all (well, all except for Nico!) pitched in their favorite meals while I wrote down a quick shopping list over the weekend.

Our weeks are finally starting to slow down as the holidays get closer and soccer takes a break after today. Lots of cozy meals and cozy nights ahead.

monday // pulled pork sliders

tuesday // pork tacos

wednesday // enchiladas & rice

thursday // potato soup

friday // lasagna & salad

Happy week before Halloween, boos!

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What I read in September

October 13, 2020

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Another month of good books down! I'll say, reading has really helped get me through this year. Behind every rough day was a book I could lose myself in. 

The Vanishing Half was my top choice from last month. I liked the back and forth storyline and how the author intertwined the lives of the characters. 

Loud Mouth and Roommaid were the perfect light rom-com books! And, The Lies that Bind and Chasing Fireflies were good stories overall. 

The Other Mrs had a lot of potential but I found myself skim-reading almost the entire book. It wasn't catching and I didn't retain much of the plot. 

I think the most exciting thing about these past few months of reading is picking the actual book. I like to browse book stores and the book aisles at Target for ideas. It's the idea of a new story to fall into that does it for me. Now that our library has officially opened again, we'll be back to bringing home stacks of books and not a whole lot makes me happier than a stack of books!

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October 12, 2020

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Another week of back-to-back soccer games and ballet classes so I'm leaning heavy, again, into some cozy recipes that are pretty easy to pull together. Also, I've been thinking about writing down all of my favorites instead of digging through Pinterest and making some sort of a family recipe book/box!

And here's what we're eating this week...

monday // arroz con pollo

friday // teriyaki chicken & fried rice

Breathe. Eat. Hydrate. Read a book. We've got this!
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October 11, 2020

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It's late Sunday night and we've had a delicious weekend. And by delicious I mean, it was more relaxing than the week and there were some delicious eats mixed in!

A drizzly morning was spent watching Nico play soccer and picking out Halloween costumes (here's Nico's). He turned me down pretty quickly on the homemade costume front and I may have wanted to cry like a baby in Target while being equally relieved that I didn't have to make anything. Lia's going as Hermione Granger and using things from mostly around the house! Then, we grabbed Mexican for lunch and picked up a 5-foot skeleton for the front porch.

Our girl is having a sleepover tonight so we spent the evening in the park with N and came home to bake a skillet apple pie. We're letting them playing hooky from school tomorrow and soaking in one extra day of this delicious weekend together!

And, here's a few things from around the web...

Our nightly read-along with the kids this month!

The prettiest cake on Pinterest right now.

A chicken pot pie that looks like the perfect comfort food right now.

A new season of The Bachelorette starts this week. Are you watching? Print out this bingo card and settle in!

All the details you never knew you wanted (or maybe you did!) on the Hocus Pocus houses. 

Have a wonderful week friends, xo.
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October 7, 2020

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All those good intentions of keeping up with the strong "keep our mess" together vibes I had going on that first week of virtual school are tucked away under the sofa and in the corners with all of the dust bunnies.

Shit got real, real quick. 

There was the original adjustment to full-time virtual school with zoom classes scheduled throughout the day, at different times, for both kids. Days of sitting in the car while the kids alternated testing in-person. Just finding our way together. Then, there was the district choice to open up a hybrid option this week and the chaos that goes along with it. Even though we opted to keep our crew 100% virtual for now, their teachers and schedules have changed slightly and some of the routine and comfort we built in the first couple of weeks is a little shaky now. 

Add in another miscarriage last month, busy weeknights, and a total lack of keeping a routine or schedule for myself has made the last few weeks feel like a lot.

It is what it is. My very fitting 2020 motto.

So, I made a to-do list and forced myself to find time to get things done this week. I meal planned and grocery shopped and scrubbed toilets and we're getting somewhere.

And, here's what we're eating this week!

Good, comfort eats is where it's at this week. We're bouncing from ballet to soccer almost every night this week! A good dish of fried rice is a good cure-all for a hectic night. 

Let's jump into the flow of the season, friends. Eat some good food and enjoy those hectic nights!

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