September 17, 2020


We're in the middle of the second week of virtual distance learning. It's going! I'll admit that while it's hard and exhausting and not at all what we want for school, it's also better than the version we had in the Spring. 

I love schedules and routines as much as the next gal but my kids don't love the repetitive schedule of zoom calls and classes throughout every week day. On the bright side, it's given me the chance to create some cozy, learning spaces in our home!

We had a desk in the playroom that no one really used so we brought it downstairs to the dining room. There's enough space there for both kids to sit and learn together and a cart full of their extra supplies! But, we learned that Nico does his best learning downstairs at the desk while Lia does her upstairs in her room.

So, Nico stays downstairs at the desk and I stay set up at the dining table beside him most of the day. 5 year olds have very short attention spans! He has a small basket of fidget toys to help channel some energy and I'm around to remind him to focus. 

We picked up a dressing table at IKEA a few weekends ago for L and it's working as a desk in the corner of her room. 

She does her zoom classes upstairs during the day and pops in downstairs during breaks to grab food or to check in with me. She does bigger projects and classwork downstairs after school hours.

We tried to make it fun since she's spending most of her day there. Did you catch the squishy banana pen?! She's got a basket of fun squishy toys nearby too! She's got a copy of her daily scheduled taped on the wall now to keep her on schedule but 5th graders seem to have it all figured out! 

We all miss school and their friends and I miss volunteering in their school and seeing them in their element. But, we're soaking up this new experience and the extra time we all get together!

PS. If you are a teacher, we bow down to you! You are incredible and amazing and I don't know how you do it but I am so glad that you do!

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